We Hired Our First Housekeeper!

Anderson and I hired a housekeeper!

At this very moment I am working on Bear & Bee Balm and I’m not lifting a finger to make this apartment sparkle. After reading 168 Hours by Laura Venderkam I realized that cleaning the house was not a priority of mine or my husbands. Instead of filling our precious time with the drudgery of cleaning, we were more happy coming home and being able to enjoy each other and work on our business together.

So dream no. 169 “Hire housekeeping for weekly home cleaning so we can take chores out of our schedule” quickly appeared on our List of 100 Dreams. The ultimate push to hire house cleaning was chores starting to pile up. It had been a few weeks since the bathroom, living room/dining room, and laundry had been touched once we began working on Bear & Bee Balm.

While the thought of getting a housekeeper was great, did it make financial sense? Cleaning services are by no means cheap, though they don’t have to be expensive either. We decided to pay our housekeeper $16.50/hour and give her an 8 hour days worth since she finished ahead of schedule. I will admit, while the financial aspect of hiring a housekeeper can feel like a luxury one can’t afford, I was more concerned about being labeled lazy. Now that we’ve taken the dive and gotten help cleaning the house, I feel less self-conscience now that we’ve had the experience!

Have you thought about getting housekeeping? Here are some reasons you might consider getting help around the house.

  1. You work full time. If you’re like me or my husband you work an 8-hour day job. I work from 6am-2:30pm as a steamfitter apprentice within construction, while my hubby works your traditional 9am-5pm within non-profit administration management. After a busy day, using the rest of your energy cleaning the house depletes anything left in you that you had. Instead of prioritizing cleaning, use your remaining hours of the day taking care of yourself and family. Do the activities you enjoy like walking outside, reading, or spending time with family and friends. Today instead of cleaning I am passionately writing for our Bear & Bee Balm blog, petting my sleeping Bull Terrier pup, and enjoying peace and meditation.

  2. You enjoy entertaining. Raise your hand if you enjoy having guests over, whether it be family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. Either way, I bet you’ve planned an engagement for people to come over to your living space and put cleaning on the to-do list before company arrived. Save your time and energy by hiring someone to clean your space before guests arrive and after they leave. This will take the additional load off of you and leave you time to get ready for guest arrival and enjoy their visit.

  3. You don’t like cleaning. Really though, who does? Unless you enjoy and prioritize cleaning and organizing leave it to a housekeeper. If you don’t like cleaning, why waste your hours hating every minute of it? Devote your time to something more productive. If you can’t find someone to clean weekly because it strains your budget, look into getting a monthly cleaning - that way you’ll be equipped to keep your house tidy the rest of the time on your own. Instead of hiring a service which might charge higher prices, someone in your circle and connections might need extra work and may be able to work with your budget.

  4. You have a List of 100 Dreams. It doesn’t need to necessarily be a List of 100 Dreams. What I am saying is that you have other priorities and joys that make you feel alive, successful, and full of energy. Go fulfill and enjoy those activities! Don’t have a List of 100 Dreams? Download our free List of 100 Dreams printable here and get started on manifesting your dreams today! You can work on your list old school and print it out or open Google Sheets or Excel and work on it electronically.