It All Started with a List of Dreams

Welcome to our blog, “Adventures with Bear & Bee” ! We are very excited to open and share our dreams and aspirations in life with you. About a month ago Anderson and I started reading through 168 Hours by Laura Venderkam. Within the book she talked about going over an exercise with her clients called the List of 100 Dreams. This exercise is a completely unedited list of anything you might want to do or have more of in life. It is a bucket list of sorts, but most people don’t intentionally get to 100 when creating a bucket list. The point of this exercise is to really think about what you might like to do and execute on those dreams.

After we wrote out our list together on the same Google Doc, we looked at other examples of List of 100 Dreams and took from them dreams that we would love to fulfill ourselves. After adding to our list over a span of a few days, it grew to over 200 dreams! When we finished writing them down (there will probably be more added over the years), we had to decide which dream(s) we’d tackle first.  

The first dream we decided to pursue head on was no. 104, “Start a business together”. Even from our youth we had each been gifted with entrepreneurial minds. When we first met six years ago at Oregon State we talked about the different businesses we would start and what would benefit our community. This dream felt like it would be joyful and a challenge for us.

The idea to do a lip balm business came out of a date night plan Cub had made to visit the Oregon Lavender Farm. We love lavender and it’s flavor and aroma (especially Salt and Straw’s Honey Lavender ice cream!). We thought about what we could do with the bushels that we would buy upon return from the purple fields of lavender, and lip balm came out as the idea. This idea exploded into action and excitement as we planned out what flavors we would make and the name of the company. We began designing the logo and researching various how-to’s for healthy lip balm production options. We winded our dream down to producing hand-poured, small batches of herbal and flower infused lip balms!

As we execute on the plans for Bear and Bee Balm, we also find ways to incorporate our other dreams into our busy schedule. Take a look at our List of 100 Dreams below for ways to jump start your own list!

Travel and Adventure Goals

  1. Travel to every state and hike/climb the tallest mountain together (marriage vows)

  2. Travel to Paris

  3. Travel to East Africa

  4. Travel to China or Japan

  5. Travel to Brazil

  6. Visit Australia

  7. Visit Hawaii

  8. Backpacking through central Europe

  9. Tour National Parks

  10. Visit a desert and ride a camel

  11. Go on an African safari

  12. Eat spaghetti in Italy

  13. Eat fresh bread in Paris

  14. Visit Italy

  15. Do a hiking tour of the Patagonia mountains

  16. Backpack the Appalachian trail

  17. See fireflies, plan a trip during peak season

  18. See the Northern lights

  19. Large vacation once a year (out of state)

  20. 6-9 small vacations a year

  21. Go hunting for buck, clean and make jerky

  22. Skydiving

  23. More backpacking, camping, and hiking

  24. White water rafting

  25. Eat salmon in Alaska

  26. Stay in a California beach house on a cliff with a pool

  27. Greek islands with lots of seafood

  28. Hot air balloon

  29. Eat crab by the sea in Maine

  30. Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world (Sadé)

  31. Visit best amusement parks around the world (Sade)

  32. Airbnb in a castle

  33. Airbnb underwater

  34. Airbnb in a tree

  35. Scuba Dive

  36. Go to Disney world without kids

  37. Go water skiing

  38. Learn how to surf

  39. Go snow skiing

  40. Sleep in a boat overnight at sea

  41. See the pyramids

  42. Stay in a high rise and listen to jazz music

  43. Go wild salmon fishing and catch salmon

  44. Travel with Nef tagging along

  45. Climb a glacier in Alaska

  46. See the Grand canyon

  47. Swim with dolphins

  48. Shower in a waterfall

  49. New year's Eve in time square

  50. Attend a Broadway show in New York

  51. Go to Israel

  52. Visit glowing greens putt putt (PDX)

  53. Stay overnight at Kenton Mcmenamins and watch a movie (PDX)

  54. Visit Shanghai tunnels (PDX)

  55. Hike the Ape caves

  56. Visit Oregon lavender farm together

  57. Visit Oneonta gorge and hike

Financial Goals

  1. Pay off all debts (student loans)

  2. Teach a financial literacy course (how to get out of debt)

  3. Make 6 figs $$$

  4. Give out micro loans to new homeowners

  5. Purchase real estate for rentals (rent to buy program)

  6. Get life insurance in place

  7. Start and stick to a budget for a year

  8. Other than food and toiletries, don't buy anything new for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

Sex/Intimacy Goals

For our eyes only! :D

Health and Weight Goals

  1. Accomplish weight loss goal (177lbs) by July 11th, 2019 (Sadé)

  2. Hit 155lbs (Sadé)

  3. Get to 145lbs (Cub)

  4. Do our first 5k run

  5. Do our first 10k

  6. Do a half marathon together

  7. Do a marathon together

  8. Try a chiropractor (Cub & Sadé)

  9. Try out acupuncture (Sadé)

  10. Go on a long distance bike ride together

  11. Take a boxing class (Cub)

  12. Be able to bench press my weight (Cub)

  13. Run to 5028 Newark St. from apt (Sadé)

  14. Get monthly back massages (Sadé)

  15. Hire a personal chef for a month

  16. Eat strict keto for 30 days and log how I feel (Sadé)

  17. Eat vegan for 30 days and log how I feel (Sadé)

  18. Cut out sugar for 30 days and log how I feel (Sade)

  19. Run a 9 minute mile (Sade)

  20. Rent a bike and go from one side of the city to the other

Family/Home Goals

  1. Own a home

  2. Own land

  3. Own a farm

  4. Have 4-5 children

  5. Plan annual family fishing trips

  6. Plan annual family camping trips

  7. Leave legacy/trust for children

  8. Have will/trust before passing away

  9. Have a home water birth

  10. Take kids to Disney World

  11. Have a Doula for childbirth

  12. Celebrate Kwanzaa with our kids

  13. Family holiday trips instead of presents

  14. Teach our kids how to start businesses

  15. Start a children's book collection, we found a cute one at the ATL airport!

  16. Exercise and run with the kids

  17. Create one on one adventures with each kid once a quarter

Relationship Goals

  1. Date night every week or every other week (2-4 month)

  2. Start a business together

  3. Do an in-home date night dinner at least once every other week

  4. Write love notes to each other

  5. Plan a big surprise for someone

  6. Spend more time with each others family and one on one with family members

Artistic Development Goals

  1. Have a video produced on my artwork (Sade)

  2. Show artwork at Art in the Pearl (Sadé)

  3. Show artwork at Art Basal (Sadé)

  4. Do 2-3 art residencies in a year (Sadé)

  5. Have first big solo gallery showing (Sadé)

  6. Shoot full length movie (Cub)

  7. Write autobiographies

  8. Create plein air art

  9. Sell a painting for $1 million

  10. Create a painting studio and writing sanctuary in home (Sade)

  11. Create an oil painting (Sade)

  12. Publish a book of my artwork (Sade)

  13. Learn how to throw pottery (Sade)

  14. Work on a stained glass piece that's overly ambitious (Sade)

  15. Stretch canvas (Sade)

  16. Frame a painting (Sade)

  17. Spend more days at the beach and do plein air (Sade)

  18. Have a 6 month sabbatical while traveling the world solo to paint my best work yet (Sade)

Professional Development Goals

  1. LPC licensure (Cub)

  2. Master's degree in mental clinical Health counseling (Cub)

  3. Own private practice (Cub)

  4. Finish bachelor's degree (Sade)

  5. Finish 5 yr apprenticeship (Sade)

  6. Get journeyman's card (Sade)

  7. Place in apprenticeship competition (Sade)

  8. Have conference with over 1,000 people (Cub)

  9. Give away $10,000 Youniversity scholarship (Cub)

Charity Goals

  1. Create $1,000 scholarship through Constructing Hope

  2. Gift good food to the homeless

  3. Donate $500 to teen homeless organization

Spiritual Development Goals

  1. Get baptized (Cub)

  2. Do marriage counseling for a younger couple

  3. Finish the old testament and start the new testament

Personal Goals

  1. Eat seafood for a whole week

  2. Do a canine class with Nef

  3. Create a food business together

  4. Couple's vlog together or IG

  5. Learn how to make chicken and lamb Tikka masala

  6. Play catch (football, baseball, frisbee) in the park

  7. Play a competitive couples board game

  8. Do dates nights with other couples

  9. Join a book group (Cub)

  10. Berry picking and blackberry pie in the summer

  11. Make a square pizza

  12. Make sushi

  13. Learn how to computer code (Cub)

  14. Learn how to speak French

  15. Create doggy treats

  16. Master Bachata dancing

  17. Do a Ted talk (Cub)

  18. Create an app for mental health/Youniversity

  19. Learn the Tlingit language (Sade)

  20. Learn Spanish (Duolingo or Memorize app)

  21. Learn Amharic for east Africa trip

  22. Build a Black owned supermarket

  23. Get club wear for a club and go dressed up

  24. Eat whole King crab

  25. Win a restaurant steak eating competition (eat all steak for free)

  26. Watch an outdoor car theater movie

  27. Develop more knowledge of ciders so I'm not always getting same ones (Sade)

  28. Hire housekeeping for weekly home cleaning so we can take chores out of our schedule

  29. Have carpets deep cleaned

  30. Become a regular at the farmers market (Sadé)

  31. Go to a writing retreat (Sadé)

  32. Purchase fresh flowers regularly for the dining room table during spring

  33. Purchase a piano for new home (Cub)

  34. Take up piano lessons (Cub)

  35. Take a year off work - mini midlife vacation (Sadé)

  36. Fix Cubs broken bead bracelet (Sade)

  37. Learn to play the saxophone (Sade)

  38. Learn to play guitar (Cub)

  39. Watch 5 documentaries on food (Sade)

  40. Read about starting a food cart business and farming (Sade)

  41. Create a greenhouse on property (Sade)

  42. Find artwork and put up in home (Sade)

  43. Grow a big, productive garden

  44. Purchase a plant, make cuttings and make baby plants

  45. Grow an avocado tree into maturity (Sade)

  46. Purchase artwork from my favorite artists (Sade)

  47. Leave more reviews on places I visit and things I taste, experience, etc. (Sade)

  48. Fund a food truck with moms staples (chicken, greens, cornbread, sweet tea) (Sade)

  49. Spend time with grandmother and learn language and beading skills (Sade)

  50. Become a certified scuba diver (Sade)

  51. Go to an opera together

  52. Go to a symphony together

  53. Be an extra in a movie or TV show (Cub)

  54. Watch a hockey game together

If you create your List of 100 Dreams, please leave a link in the comments for us to see! Or just give your top 5 dreams.