The Couple Behind Bear & Bee Balm

Cub and I taking a long hike along Sandy River Delta Park beginning of May 2019.

Cub and I taking a long hike along Sandy River Delta Park beginning of May 2019.


Our Story

Anderson (Bear) and I (Bee) are actually nicknamed Cub and Adrenidae. Cub was given his name by his family for his full head of black hair at birth and his 16-20 hour long daily “naps” as an infant. He even made growling noises as a baby! When his family called him by “Cub”, it made sense right away. He can sleep for hours and not be bothered like he is hibernating!

When I met Sadé , we worked a night shift together on campus at OSU. She would be buzzing away, typing on her computer with a bee ring on her finger and sharing with me her love of art. Our conversations would drizzle late into the night. After our moonlit night shifts at work, I would walk her to her car and see her off. One night, I asked, “What is the meaning of your ring?” She told me she got it from her grandmother as a gift. It was either the silver blue glint of the moon, or the sweet country air blowing that night, which moved me to ask, “would you be my Bee? Would you be my Andrenidae?” She said yes of course after I explained how the Andrenidae is a species of nocturnal bee. The last syllable of Andrenidae reminded me of the sound of her name, Sadé. She in turn, took the name like the ring, as a gift.

Now we will share our individual stories on skin and lip care and how Bear & Bee Balm came to be.


I grew up using petroleum jelly for lip balm and in turn came to hate the flavorless, greasy feeling of pasting a mineral oil like wax to my lips. I came to acknowledge that my lips would just be chapped. I began exploring more options as I grew older with little success at finding long lasting moisturizers that weren't too oily. When my wife and I decided to create a business creating healthier lip balm products, I was optimistic in finally finding a product that could bring healing to my lips and others like mine.

For me, starting Bear & Bee Balm means being able to share better lip care options with my children, community and future generations while also finally having soft healthy lips to kiss my wife with as we go on adventures from our 100 List of Dreams.


I was never really given lip balm or chapstick at a young age, or taught how to take care of my lips. By middle school my lips and the skin around them were so chaffed and dry from licking them that I developed perioral dermatitis. The area around my lips was hard with brownish-black scabbing and damaged skin. I didn’t know what to do about it and was consistently bullied and called ugly by other students. Recently in May 2019, I had my first allergic reaction, which happened to be from an unknown ingredient in a generic lip balm. When we realized it was the lip balm causing my consistent tingling, bright red puffy lips, we immediately looked to the ingredients and found the culprit - oxybenzone - which we researched and linked to endometriosis, low sperm count in men, and increased hormonal cancers in men and women.

For me, creating Bear & Bee Balm with my husband was a way to bring awareness to health issues linked to big brand lip balms. It was a way to have fun and create with my husband while also providing something healthy, meaningful, and useful to our community. Listed as the 104th dream: “Start a business together” in our List of 100 Dreams, we found this endeavor to fulfill our dream and give us joy.


  1. We value Transparency through how our products are made and sourced.

  2. We are committed to Healthy Lifestyles and Relationships.

  3. We value Self-Improvement and Self-Renewal so we can better serve our communities.

  4. We believe in our dreams and conscientiously accomplishing them through Adventure.